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The custom tray and sleeve boxes often have a functional layout. These boxes are one of the most valuable and convenient packaging choices. The product is in the tray, which is covered by the sleeve for safety.

You can save money by packing many items into one of these boxes. These container has sleek and distinctive appearance makes them easy to spot on store shelves. Multiple options for personalization and printing further boost these boxes' appeal. 

Continue reading for advantages of custom tray and sleeve boxes.


 1.Imprint Any Artwork

Whether you need a branded design or just want a creative layout for your Custom Printed Tray And Sleeve Boxes, it can be tailored to your specifications. These  boxes might contain anything from food, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Protective sleeve wrapping is excellent for fragile items like timepieces. Having the boxes printed with your selected design details will provide your customer a complete packaging. In addition to customizing the dimensions to your specifications, you can also print any combination of text and imagery onto the blank surfaces of these containers.

2.Helps to Increase Brand Popularity

Differentiating your brand from the competition is facilitated by customized packaging options like tray and sleeve boxes. The sleeve around the box is a great way to get more people to see your brand name and goods. It will help consumers choose your interests over similar ones. The sleeve, the entire top, or both are suitable locations for your logo.

This will lead to increased exposure. Put in your company's colors, slogan, name, and URL. With this strategy, customers will always keep your company in mind.

Known for their portability, adaptability (they may be made in any size), style options, and slim profile, tray and sleeve boxes are a popular packaging solution. That's why it's perfect for Thanksgiving dinners. It looks excellent and doesn't offend anyone.

3.Mold It in Any Size or Shape

There is a wide range of tray and sleeve packaging designs available in the market, from standard to unique. In addition, these boxes are available in a range of sizes. No one likes to pay more for a product only to find out it comes in an ugly box or has a boring label. But on the other hand, you can make something as simple as a box into a work of art by adding color, pattern, and text.

You can customize the packaging if you're selling anything for a particular occasion, like wedding favors or cakes. It will help you connect with your target audience more meaningfully.

The clean aesthetic of the tray and sleeve boxes will offer the viewer an elegant look, promoting a speedy sale, and the boxes themselves are cost-effective, making them reasonable.

4.Custom Tray and Sleeve Packaging with Inserts

Taking your tray from your 2-piece packaging makes for a special surprise, but you should never lose sight of the safety of the items contained within. If your products shift and scatter inside the box when you open them, the excitement of discovery may be lessened. In cases like this, inserts are your best bet.


Custom Tray Sleeves And Packaging benefits will allow your brand to compete with other brands. But, of course, every product has specific needs regarding retail packaging. There are many options for custom packaging, but if you need a convenient all-in-one solution, custom tray and sleeve boxes are the best bet.

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