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Travel- Tourism & Airline Management

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. It is a business where people travel to destinations and stay at hotels and resorts. There are many different types of tourism businesses including accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment, etc. In order to run a successful tourism business, one should have knowledge about the market, customer behavior, and competition. A tourism manager may work for a hotel chain, cruise line, tour company, or any other type of tourism business.

Airline Management
An airline is a commercial air transport service that provides scheduled passenger flights using aircraft. An airline's primary function is to carry passengers from one point to another at a specified time and price. Airlines operate both domestic and international routes between cities, towns, villages, and sometimes even private residences. Many airlines offer frequent flyer programs that reward customers based on the number of miles they fly.

Travel Planning
Travel planning is the process of making decisions regarding the destination, mode of transportation, timing, and budget of a trip. It involves researching information about the location, choosing a mode of transportation, booking accommodations, and purchasing tickets. Travel planning includes deciding whether to travel alone or with others, what activities to do while traveling, how much money to spend, when to go, and which route to take.

Customer Service
Customer service is the practice of providing services to clients, customers, patients, guests, or residents. It is the act of meeting their needs by giving them assistance and/or performing tasks. The term is often used synonymously with hospitality, though the former implies a broader scope than the latter.

Hotel Management
Hotel management is the branch of hospitality management concerned with the operation of hotels. Hotels consist of lodging establishments that provide rooms for rent to travelers who pay either per diem or nightly rates. Most hotels have restaurants, lounges, bars, swimming pools, spas, conference centers, fitness facilities, laundry services, dry cleaning, gift shops, and parking lots.

Cruise Line Management
A cruise ship (also known as a cruise liner) is a passenger vessel operated as a means of tourism. Cruise ships are designed to give tourists a vacation experience rather than just transporting them from place to place. Cruises are generally short trips, lasting anywhere from several hours to multiple days. Cruise ships vary greatly in size, ranging from small luxury vessels carrying fewer than 100 passengers to giant ocean liners capable of carrying thousands of passengers.

Flight Management
Flight management is the branch of aviation management dealing with the scheduling and coordination of flight operations. It is performed by air traffic controllers, pilots, ground handlers, dispatchers, and maintenance personnel. The goal of flight management is to ensure safe and reliable air travel for passengers and crew.

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