The earliest traces for the Diamond Wire Saw go back many years. The usage of diamonds to cut hard materials can be traced to Egypt in the year 2500 BC. The modern Diamond Wire Saw Machine that we have currently is a modern invention that dates from England around 1950 in the 1950s when electroplated diamond beads were inserted onto steel cables with multi-strands. In the next 30 years, a variety of companies improved the procedure (which was further aided by the creation of synthetic diamonds, which became much more effective) The first solution that was commercially viable was employed in the Carrara quarry within Italy in the latter half of 1960.

What's the difference between this and Diamond Wire Saw?

Diamond wire cutter is different from other cutters, like the band saw by employing the abrasion method instead of saw teeth. Because of diamond's high hardness the abrasion process is able to cut through nearly every material that is less than diamond abrasives. It also results in less waste and kerf as compared to conventional blades that are solid. Wire cutters can also perform circular cutting across all sides, keeping the wire from being caught and, as a result, is an efficient way to resist compressive forces when cutting through a range of materials.

The Diamond Wire Rope

The rope used by diamond cutting machines is created from an elongated piece of high-tensile steel that is joined by a mechanical joiner. On the outside of the rope, there are carriers rings, which are on which diamonds are either held or sintered with electroplated layers. The final diamond rope will be coated in an elastomeric material that helps to hold the components and guard against corrosion. This is the result in an average diameter across the ring that is between 10- 11 millimeters.

Construction and operation of machines

Each piece of the Mirage diamond wire saw cutting machine line is built from a high-quality and light aluminum frame, which has anode protection that protects against corrosion. Each machine has three distinct hydraulic circuits, each with the use of its own hydraulic source; they are called 'Cut feed' and Clamp. The power clamping device that is adjustable makes use of two arms powered by hydraulics which pivot to the right for easy and secure remote control mounts on a variety of work pieces with different diameters. Read more about Wire Saw Machine.

The features included in Mirage's Mirage Diamond Wire Saw range
A variety of models are available that can cut six" to 84" pipe
Hydraulic clamping, auto-feed, and hydraulic clamping
ROV and Diver compatible
Rental of diamond wire saws options or purchase options are offered.
Hydraulic drive with power
Contact pads for user-replaceable clamps as well as wheels and wheel liner.
Front and back lifting pivots
Each model is designed using as many common components as feasible.
Continuous loop wires or Crimped loops are offered (48 beads/meter)
Models for deep and shallow water use

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