HiyaaLifestyle is a company with many departments. HiyaaLifestyle is dedicated to finding the best products for you. They create products that meet all needs. They offer a variety of services, including photography, decorating parties, furnishing, accessories, gift, and decoration, as well as products that can be used for shooting. These people think that even small things can be a big help and that if they make our lives easier, then we should make sure they are useful enough to others. HiyaaLifestyle Magnetic Charge Cable Box, 3 in 1 Magnetic Phone Holder With Phone Holder, Micro USB Type C, iProducts, And Most Devices

Portable & Better Organizer

You can say goodbye to the irritating entangled wire. The HiyaaLifestyle magnetic charging cable offers the best charging experience. This little box can organize your wire automatically, so no more twisted wires! You don't want to waste time organizing your charging cables while you are out walking, shopping or just hanging out with friends. It is lightweight at 69g so it's easy to carry. It comes with an anti-lost strip. It can be hung on your bag or backpack. You can save space and make it easy to lose.

Super Easy To Use

Its magnetic design allows you to charge with just one hand. You can rotate the magnetic charging cable 360 degrees with HiyaaLifestyle Magnetic Charging Cord While you're playing games, it won't interfere with your play. The head has an LED light that allows you to locate the cables in darkness. This is the best choice for drivers, children, seniors, handicapped people, and those with vision impairments.

Premium Material & Strong Magnetic Materials

Magnetic force allows you to easily remove the interface from your port. Secure the interface securely to reduce the chance of it being disconnected. The TPE material is strong and durable.

Interface dust-proof

Insert the magnetic tip at your charging interface to prevent dust sticking. The Magnetic Charging Cable comes with a removable lid that protects the interface from dust. Switch to open/off when you are ready to use the interface.

Multi-function and Universal

Magnetic Charging Cable has a unique 3 in 1 design that is compatible with all devices. Three types of magnetic tips are available: Apple, Micro USB, and Type C. This cable is perfect for traveling, whether you're in your car, at work, or anywhere else. Click here

Phone Holder

Hidden stand is available for your phone. You can pull out the magnet in the Magnetic Charging Cable Box to use as a phone holder. It's super easy to use.

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