There are numerous kinds of sanitary napkins available on the market, however, they aren't all user-friendly. Beware of sanitary napkins ' pants also. There is a report that a mother almost died due to using inexpensive sanitary napkins. The sanitary napkins are an ideal companion for female companions. Let me show you how to pick the right ones.

A woman from the countryside was suffering from a fever of 40 degC two weeks after her birth and was referred to an emergency department. The diagnosis was end metritis, a pelvic inflammatory disorder, and sepsis. She was close to death however the cause of infection was identified as inadequate sanitary napkins. Sanwu products purchased from the canteen located at the gate to the town! So, even a tiny disposable sanitary napkin can be an important health issue and can be fatal if not vigilant, so this article will show you how to select the right sanitary napkins.

1. Be aware of three things.

Auntie towels also come with an extended shelf life. To avoid this when you are choosing Auntie towels, make sure to check whether there is a manufacturer name and if there's an address for the Sanitary Napkin Panties manufacturer when you are purchasing an item that has the production sanitary license and expiration date and you need to buy it every day. It is important to ensure that the product is genuine.

2. Go through it

Auntie napkin can be a personal product for use. It is essential to examine the sanitary napkin in order to determine whether the work is accurate and to verify if the inside of the sanitary napkin has other substances that can harm you in the course of daily use. Also, it is important to check the cleanliness retention of the towels.

3. Adhesion performance

The most troublesome aunt's napkins also contain solid, disposable sanitary napkins, which could make women feel relaxed when menstruating, however, the pants of sanitary napkins lack adhesion and could cause the pants of sanitary napkins to shift around or slide. Because the attachment can be too powerful and when removed the pants are able to cause trouble for the panties.

4. A vigilant scent/medicinal smell

There are many companies that are able to introduce sanitary napkins with mint scents or mint refresh. It is advised to select carefully. It doesn't matter if these are added chemicals as well as natural substances, these could create unnecessary difficulties for girls to comprehend. The girl makes her choice cautiously, and it is advised to select a flavor that is tasteless.

5. Length standards

Different women have different body types, requirements, and needs for sanitary napkins pants aren't the same. It is advised to select the type of Sanitary Napkin Panties that is suitable for you based on your personal requirements, and select the right type of sanitary napkins pants both day and night so that you're not in a hurry throughout the menstrual cycle. Women aren't afraid of leakage from the side.

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