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We've all done it before. Sometimes, you just can't bring yourself to pick out your Halloween costume until a few hours before your friend's party. If you're in that position, here are a handful of costume ideas that you can create in under an hour without dropping the big bucks at a costume store. 

1. Decorate your face in skeleton makeup. Even if you're not particularly artistic, there are dozens of great tutorials on YouTube that can help you create an incredible skull disguise with just some black and white face paint. After all, it's easier to snag a cheap makeup pack from a Halloween store than it is to piece together a whole costume. 

2. Become a real-life emoji. Got a long-sleeve pink T-shirt? You can be the shrugging girl emoji. Got a black leotard and some construction paper? Pick a friend and become the dancing pair of cat girls. The more creative you can get, the better. 

3. Dress up as a minion. It's simple really; you just need a yellow shirt, some overalls or shorts with suspenders, and a pair of homemade goggles perched upon your head. 

4. Drink wine as a bunch of grapes. Blow up a dozen purple balloons and strategically place them around your body. Then top the whole outfit with a purple or green hat. 

5. Be a walking talking gumball machine. Grab some red pants and pair it with a white t-shirt. Then, grab some of those colorful pom-poms from a craft store and cover the shirt in them. Add a little extra flair by chewing bubblegum as you strut around. 

Do you have last-minute Halloween costume ideas? Contribute them in the comment section. 

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