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According to AAA Northeast, commutes in Massachusetts are getting longer and longer. The average one-way commute by bus, train or car is currently around 29 minutes. If you're traveling to and from work each day, that's an hour you could be using to educate yourself on a topic of interest.

For instance, you could use that travel time to become better with money and improve your financial future. 

If that sounds like a worthwhile effort to you, here are five podcasts to listen to as you make your way to the office or your home. After just a few days of listening, you'll start to feel wealthier and more in control of your own money.  

Bad With Money 

Gaby Dunn began by reckoning with her own financial identity, but eventually, she decided to share her findings with an audience of devoted followers. She talks money with everyone from politicians to celebrities, and although she knows what she's talking about, Dunn never comes across as an overbearing money expert. She's someone you can relate to as she talks about spending and debt. 

Stacking Benjamins 

This award-winning podcast is as informative as it is entertaining. Host Joe Saul-Sehy shares his financial knowledge in a comical, unique way. You might not even realize you're learning about investments or 401K's as you laugh along with the podcast. Who knew building wealth could be so funny? 

Money for the Rest of Us 

Many of us feel embarrassed by our gaps in financial knowledge or our history with money, but financial expert David Stein won't make you feel bad about any of that. His whole goal is to improve your "retirement IQ" by teaching you to build wealth and invest smartly. Since the median retirement savings of Americans between 35 and 44 is $37,000, this is probably a podcast we could all benefit from. 

Afford Anything 

Although this title might sound a bit lofty, blogger Paula Pant means it when she says you can afford anything if you put your mind to it. She'll answer your burning questions on personal finance while also teaching you to build a passive income to fuel your passions and goals. If you're tired of the 9-to-5 grind, this is the money podcast for you. 

Listen Money Matters 

Want to "free your inner financial badass"? Then this is the podcast you need to start binging. The show's hosts, Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank, will keep you entertained with topics that would usually bore you, like timing the market and paying off loans. Even if you barely know a thing about personal finance, these guys will help you sort your bank account out. 

What money podcasts do you listen to? Let us know in the comments below! 

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