BubbleLife Staff
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Everyone knows that Boston winters can be harsh. If you, like many, are looking for transportation to a warmer destination (say, Cancun or The Bahamas), now is the time to snag your flights before they get more expensive.

As the holidays approach and airlines raise their prices, here are the top five ways to save money and still book your dream vacation. 

1. Only search for flights online in "Incognito" mode. Airline websites use your browsing history to keep track of what flights you're interested in, and more often than not, they'll jack up their prices when you return to evaluate the tickets a second time. That's why it's smart to use a private browsing mode every time you search for your flight. 

2. Plan to fly out in the middle of the week. Leaving on a Friday or Saturday is almost always going to be more expensive than departing on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Try to pay attention to what days of the week are the cheapest, not just what dates are less expensive. 

3. Know when to book and when to wait. The general rule of thumb is to book domestic flights one to three months in advance and international flights two to eight months in advance if you're looking for the best prices. 

4. Remember that not all flights come up on Google and other search engines. For instance, you'll have to go directly to the Southwest Airlines website for their prices, which are often very affordable. 

5. Be flexible. 
Searching various dates and airlines will help you hunt down the best deal. The more wiggle room you give yourself, the more money you'll end up saving. 

Where do you want to fly this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!