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On Saturday, November 3, thousands of participants will meet at DCR's Baxter Park to help raise awareness for a kind of cancer that kills more people annually than colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined. About 234,000 new cases of lung cancer are reported every year, and 14 percent of all new cancers reported are lung cancers. 

That's why the late Rich Kaufman and the late Geri Norris started this Boston walk in the first place. Both long-time cancer survivors, the two wanted to bring together a group of people who had all been touched by lung cancer. Now, the Breath Deep Boston Walk draws thousands of people every year and raises millions of dollars for lunch cancer research. All of the proceeds from the event benefit LUNGevity Foundation. 

To pledge your support to people who have been touched by lung cancer, and to help support research efforts, sign up to join the Breathe Deep Boston Walk this weekend. The route is a scenic walk (about 5K) around a park, so anyone can come and participate. Even strollers and wheelchairs have a place in the event. 

Check-in/registration: 10:00 AM 
Program Begins: 10:30 AM 
Walk Begins: 11:00 AM (rain or shine!) 

Learn more about the event or sign up by visiting

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