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Miami, Florida. October 7, 2021. PR NEWSWIRE---

The covid-19 pandemic has come with a huge economic cost. By the end of the first month of the pandemic, around 43% of American businesses had already closed and most of these closures were because of the coronavirus. In that month, 39% of businesses had already reduced the number of their employees. Small and medium-sized businesses have been the most affected yet these businesses employ over 90% of the population. Most of these businesses were already suffering before the pandemic and Covid-19 only made things worse.

Lockdown & Quarantine Measures

99OnlineSports and other online gambling websites have thrived during the pandemic period because of quarantine and lockdown measures that were imposed by governments all over the world including the governments of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, and travel businesses suffered when countries went into lockdown because customers were not able to visit stores due to lockdown measures. People were not allowed to travel freely or go out of their homes. They were not allowed to congregate.

With people staying at home the whole day and having their phones on their hands, they started discovering things that they can do online. Most of them discovered that online gambling is a good way of making extra money during the pandemic period. At this time, 99OnlineSport recorded the highest number of registrations since it was formed.

Before the Pandemic

Online gambling started gaining steam long before the discovery of the coronavirus. As early as 2016, 99OnlineSports was already witnessing booming businesses; hundreds of accounts were being registered daily. People had already started knowing about idn play, idn sport, slot online idn, and other types of online gambling.

Increasing Internet Penetration

The increased interest in agen id play and other games offered by 99OnlineSports is because of the increased internet penetration all over the world. More people are now able to play agen slot. That was not the case in the past.

The smartphone is becoming cheaper with every passing day. It is possible to buy a decent smartphone for less than fifty dollars. To play agen slot online or Daftar slot online, all that is needed is a basic smartphone. Most countries where there is increased internet penetration are developing countries in Africa and Asia. These are the countries that are recording the highest numbers of new players who are playing idn slot.

Anyone can play idn casino so long as they are above 18 years and they have a computer or a phone that has an internet connection. Slot pragmatic can be played using a web browser. To make things easier when playing agen idn or any other game for that matter, it is advisable to download the smartphone app that is offered by 99OnlineSports free of charge.

The Bottom-Line:

New Opportunities

Most businesses have suffered badly as a result of the pandemic. Some businesses have even closed shop. However, for web-based businesses such as 99OnlineSports, the pandemic presented new opportunities. These businesses have thrived during the pandemic period.

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