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Birds and Beans Bird-Friendly Coffee is a sustainably-sourced coffee that protects bird habitats. Sign up for our flexible subscriptions to enjoy exquisitely roasted organic coffee choices.

Our products :

American Redstart, Light Roast -
Our American Redstart, Light Roast is full-bodied with a mellow acidity. This Bird Friendly® blend is smooth with heavy notes of cocoa, walnuts and reminiscent of red apples.

Baltimore Oriole, Decaf Dark Roast -
Our customers tell us that our decaf is the best and our Baltimore Oriole is made using water process decaffeination. This Bird Friendly® blend is dark, bold, and smooth with a pleasing mouthfeel and after taste.

Chestnut-sided Warbler, Medium-Dark Roast -
Our Chestnut-sided Warbler, Medium-Dark Roast is full-bodied and balanced. This Bird Friendly® blend has notes of roasted almond, dark chocolate, and earthiness.

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